A lacquered Japanese oval tray made of Japanese cedar wood, intended for the foreign market. It was first covered with several base layers of black lacquer, then a layer of red paint was applied before it was painted by hand. Depicted is a pumpkin with tendrils and seven larger leaves extending to the lower corners. In the upper left-hand corner is a sparrow perching on flowers. To the right of the pumpkin is a dragonfly, symbolising summer or autumn in Japanese tradition. (KH, HH)

Manufacturing technique: lacquered wood
Dimensions: length: 35.5 cm, width: 20.3 cm
No. of parts: 1
Current owner: Celje Regional Museum
Date of the last acquisition: 1957–1960
Previous owners and periods of ownership: Alma M. Karlin, Thea Schreiber Gammelin, Celje Regional Museum
Object condition, handling and damage: well preserved
Press releases: HRVATIN, Klara. 2019. Japonski lakirani predmeti [Japanese Lacquerware] in Azija me je povsem uročila [Asia Utterly Bewitched Me] catalogue of the special exhibition on the occasion of the 130th birthday of Alma M. Karlin and the 100th anniversary of her departure on a trip around the world. Celje Regional Museum; Ljubljana: Scientific publishing house of the Faculty of Arts: 55–58.

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