Traditional Japanese footwear setta

Traditional Japanese footwear setta


A traditional Japanese setta 雪駄 shoe with a wooden sole, usually worn with a kimono or yukata 浴衣. (NVS)

Material description: wood, fabric
Dimensions: length: 23.5 cm
No. of parts: 1
Current owner: Celje Regional Museum
Date of the last acquisition: 1957–1962
Last acquisition method: donation (donated by Thea Schreiber Gammelin)
Previous owners and periods of ownership: Alma M. Karlin, Thea Schreiber Gammelin, Celje Regional Museum
Object condition, handling and damage: well preserved
History of exhibition: Celje Regional Museum, Celje, 16.10.2019–31.5.2020 (exhibition: Azija me je povsem uročila [Asia Utterly Bewitched Me])

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