The Buddha of Kamakura figurine

The Buddha of Kamakura figurine


A miniature bronze figurine, copy of the famous, more than 13-metre-tall Amitābha Buddha statue in the Kōtoku-in Temple in the Japanese city of Kamakura. The giant Buddha statue dates back to the 13th century. Considering that the so-called “Buddha of Kamakura” was one of the most important attractions in Japan even in the days of Alma Karlin’s travels, it is likely that the figurine was made as a souvenir for visitors to the temple. (HM)

Material description: bronze, gilt
Manufacturing technique: bronze casting
Dimensions: height: 4.7 cm
No. of parts: 1
Current owner: Celje Regional Museum
Date of the last acquisition: 1957–1961
Previous owners and periods of ownership: Alma M. Karlin, Thea Schreiber Gammelin, Celje Regional Museum
Object condition, handling and damage: well preserved

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