Painting During a meal

Sg0031 Album Slik 08
Painting During a meal


Sg0031 Album Slik 08
CC BY-SA 4.0

The seventh picture from an album of Chinese paintings of the everyday lives of court ladies, showing ladies at a table set with various dishes. Potted plants in bloom flourish in the background, and an inscription about the richness of raindrops on flowers hangs on the wall. (NVS)

Place of manufacture: Canton (Guangdong 廣東 )
Material description: paper from Tetrapanex papyrifera (tongcao 通草) tree, silk
Manufacturing technique: gouache, watercolour
Dimensions: height: 26 cm, length: 37 cm
Inscription: 花有半旬含宿雨. Hua you ban xun han su yu. (After five days the flowers are still covered with raindrops.)
No. of parts: the seventh of twelve paintings
Current owner: Slovene Ethnographic Museum
Date of the last acquisition: 1963
Last acquisition method: donation
Previous owners and periods of ownership: Ivan Skušek, Jr. and Tsuneko Kondō Kawase - Marija Skušek, National Museum of Slovenia, Slovene Ethnographic Museum
Object condition, handling and damage: The edges of the page are slightly torn.
History of exhibition: Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana, 31. 8. 2006–3. 9. 2007 (exhibition Srečevanja s Kitajsko: 200 let slovenskih odkrivanj kitajske kulture [Encounters with China: 200 years of Slovenian discovery of Chinese culture])

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