Pp0016 Dish 01 1


Pp0016 Dish 01 1

The inside of this thick-walled porcelain dish is richly decorated in underglaze blue and colourful overglaze enamels. Several fan-, circular- and irregularly-shaped reserves are filled with various motifs, depicting a woman with child and samurai warriors on horseback as well as motifs of birds and flowers, among which we can recognise large peony and chrysanthemum blossoms. Each reserve is bordered by a thick ribbon depicting stylised flower blossoms as well as areas of brocade-like foliage areas. The entire painted central base and cavetto of the object is also richly gilded. The reverse of the rim is decorated in foliage and four phoenixes. The foot is glazed except for the rough rim and in the central part of the base we can count seven small spur marks. The dish came to the museum as part of the bequest of Viktor Smole in 1885.

Place of manufacture: Japan, Arita (?)
Material description: porcelain
Manufacturing technique: glazed and painted porcelain
No. of parts: 1
Current owner: National Museum of Slovenia
Date of the last acquisition: 1885
Last acquisition method: Bequest of Viktor Smole
Previous owners and periods of ownership: Viktor Smole, National Museum of Slovenia
Object condition, handling and damage: The object was badly damaged (broken) and restored.

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