A deep octagonal plate of white porcelain, painted black and gold on the top above the glaze. The top is painted black, with a small white octagonal medallion in the centre, and four white areas on the wider rim. On the rim, a floral motif is painted in gold on a black background. On the border, peonies are painted in two contrasting white areas, and bamboo and branches with plum blossoms are painted in gold and brownish colours in the other two. In the central white medallion is painted a vase with flowers in black and gold. On the underside of the plate are three branches with cherry blossoms painted in black, brown and gold on a white background. (TB)

Manufacturing technique: painted porcelain
Dimensions: length: 22.4 cm, width: 22.4 cm
No. of parts: 1
Current owner: National Museum of Slovenia
Object condition, handling and damage: A small chip on the edge turns into a thin crack. The plate was broken and repaired, therefore more cracks are visible

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