A vase with a short, narrow mouth, broad shoulders and a downward taper. It is painted both under (blue pigment) and over the glaze (coloured enamels). Around the neck is a geometric triangular pattern of alternating green and red colours. Between the body and the neck of the vase, thin light blue lines are painted along the entire perimeter. The central painting, in red, green and blue, shows two dogs in red and green, two larger red peony blossoms, four smaller red peony blossoms and eight smaller blue blossoms. In the background there are green vines with leaves. All images are on a white background. On the outside, at the base of the vase, the number “623” is written in red lettering (slightly faded). The painting style is called wucai (五彩) and is typical of the late Ming or transitional period. (TB)

Manufacturing technique: porcelain painted under and over the glaze
Dimensions: height (basket): 11.5 cm, length (top part of the basket): 23 cm, length (lower part of the basket): 20 cm
No. of parts: 1
Current owner: National Museum of Slovenia
Date of the last acquisition: before 1895
Object condition, handling and damage: There is minor damage to upper rim (chipped in two places) and damaged lower rim (slightly chipped). The glaze is rubbed or scratched.

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