A desk with 13 drawers consisting of three parts: two side bases with drawers and an upper surface placed on both bases. All four outer sides are richly carved with plant, floral, and figural motifs. The table is made in the traditional Chinese style, in which nails are not used to make furniture and architectural structures. Instead, individual pieces of solid wood are joined exclusively by wooden joints, or dowels, without the use of glue or metal nails. The reasons for the exclusive use of wood lie in the geographical and climatic conditions of southern China. The use of metal nails and adhesives has not proven successful in humid weather and fluctuating temperatures. (NVS)

Material description: wood, brass
Manufacturing technique: carved wood
Dimensions: height: 96.5 cm, width: 151.5 cm, depth: 77.5 cm
No. of parts: 3
Current owner: Slovene Ethnographic Museum
Date of the last acquisition: 1963
Last acquisition method: donation
Previous owners and periods of ownership: Ivan Skušek, Jr. and Tsuneko Kondō Kawase - Marija Skušek, National Museum of Slovenia, Slovene Ethnographic Museum
Object condition, handling and damage: well preserved

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