Rose chair

Rose chair


A chair whose lower back has a carved decorative board with a stylised image of two dragons and tendrils, set into the backrest and the two side rests. In Beijing, this type of chair is known as a rose chair (meigui yi 玫瑰椅), but in southern China, the name scholar’s chair (wenyi 文椅) is more common. It is characterised by its small size, low backrest and angular shape. In paintings and wood engravings of the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, it is often depicted in the study rooms of Chinese scholars. Because of its low backrest, which reached to the middle of the back, it was best suited for writing and less for resting and relaxing. There are two such chairs in Skušek’s collection. (NVS)

Material description: wood
Manufacturing technique: carved wood
Dimensions: height: 83 cm, width: 59 cm, depth: 46 cm
No. of parts: 1
Current owner: Slovene Ethnographic Museum
Date of the last acquisition: 1963
Last acquisition method: donation
Previous owners and periods of ownership: Ivan Skušek, Jr. and Tsuneko Kondō Kawase - Marija Skušek, National Museum of Slovenia, Slovene Ethnographic Museum
Object condition, handling and damage: well preserved

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